"She's tough when she needs to be tough, but always open to finding middle ground if that is her client's wish." - Avvo review

Domestic Violence

Ms. Loftus has handled many cases involving domestic violence and formerly chaired the Circuit’s Domestic Violence Task Force. “Domestic violence” can be emotional or physical abuse, or a combination of both. It is imperative that parties and their children remain safe in any family law proceedings, and Ms. Loftus works with clients to take such steps as are reasonable and warranted based upon a given set of circumstances.

There are several situations which can be considered domestic violence under Florida law. For example, stalking is an act of domestic violence and obtaining a restraining order is an option provided that all statutory criteria are met and the Court finds the petition to be meritorious.

Having an experienced attorney on your side in the courtroom is a good idea to protect your legal rights and assist you with obtaining the relief you seek in court. Whether you are seeking to obtain an injunction against an abusive spouse or defending accusations of abuse, Ms. Loftus will explain your rights under the law and work closely with you to achieve your legal goals and maintain the safety of you and your family.

"On many occasions when I would worry about false statements and misinformation, she would refocus me with simple statements." - Jennifer


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