"Leslie does not get caught up in all the minutia that other lawyers like to throw into the ring to drag things out or that try and divert your attention off the main issues." - Michael


Also known in Florida as “dissolution of marriage."

Florida is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that so long as one of the parties files the necessary petition, the other party cannot effectively stop the divorce. Despite the easy sound of “no fault divorce,” don’t be fooled: divorce law can be complicated, and the divorce process itself is almost always emotionally-charged and confusing.

In your divorce, all issues of property ownership, support, and “child custody” should be decided. The issues can be decided amicably between the parties, or in mediation, or at trial, or in a relatively new method of alternate dispute resolution called “collaborative divorce.” Ms. Loftus recently received specialized training in handling collaborative divorces and is able to assist you in a collaborative divorce.

Clients who settle their own cases are often happier with the results and more likely to abide by the terms of their settlement.

An experienced family law attorney can guide you through the process of equitably dividing up your assets and liabilities, providing for family support where warranted, determining a timesharing schedule, calculating the Florida guidelines child support, and working with you on all other aspects of your divorce proceeding. You may wish to have an attorney assist you in these areas, so that you feel confident that you have gotten everything to which you are entitled or at least knowingly decided not to pursue all of your claims. Your decision to use an attorney to help you settle your marital rights and obligations can help you avoid inadvertent waiver of your rights. Your attorney should also be able to assist you in ensuring that any marital agreement which you might reach is carefully-worded, reducing the chance that it will be subject to later attack.

Ms. Loftus is an attorney who has been licensed to practice for thirty years now. She has had experience in all phases of negotiation and trial, both in civil and in family law matters. In the event you cannot settle your divorce through collaboration, negotiation or mediation, Ms. Loftus stands ready to assist you in pursuing your legal rights in court.

Many clients who have been married once and are considering remarriage wish to protect their assets in their next marriage, while limiting their exposure under the divorce laws. Ms. Loftus works with clients on preparing and negotiating prenuptial agreements, with due consideration of the fact that no one wishes to feel that he or she is putting the divorce before the marriage. Accordingly, Ms. Loftus works on prenuptial cases with the utmost sensitivity.

"I hired Leslie and her team and that is what they are is a team to help me with my separation from my wife. Never going through this before they took the time." - Keith


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