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Florida law provides for several different types of alimony.  The duration of the marriage is only one of the factors to determine the type of alimony a spouse may be entitled to receive.  Some of the other factors under the law are the relative incomes of the parties, the parties’ lifestyle during the marriage, and the age of the parties.

Alimony may be temporary or permanent.  Ms. Loftus works closely with her clients in analyzing the client’s needs and the current law to assist clients with the important decisions that must be made at the time of the dissolution of their marriage to help her clients make the best decision for his or her situation.

Alimony reform bills have been entertained in the Florida legislature for the last two years running, and Ms. Loftus is keeping abreast of the latest status of alimony reform efforts.

"She was very professional and advised me properly in every way. She helped me get through the process quickly and proficiently." - Lourdes


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