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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a process which is fairly new to the area, but which has been successfully employed elsewhere for many years. It provides clients a context to resolve their divorce through employment of an integrated team of collaborative professionals, to the benefit of themselves and their children. No member of a collaborative divorce team will ever participate in adversary litigation against the other party. If one client chooses to abandon the collaborative process and pursue his or her remedies in court, new professionals must assist the parties. Team members share information with the common goal of an amicable resolution of all legal issues in a manner that will most benefit the family.

Collaborative divorce is not for everyone, but is an option which should be considered, particularly where children are involved. In the long run, a collaborative resolution may prove more constructive and more cost-effective.

In 2014, Ms. Loftus received specialized training in handling collaborative divorces and would be happy to assist in yours.

"She is a very methodical thinker and myself, being highly emotional because my divorce involved a two year old child, always kept me calm and focused on what the objective was." - Michael


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